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ENGI 2304 - Technical Communications

Use this guide to find information and research to complete your assignments for ENGI 2304.

What is Peer Review?

As you work on your technical report, you will need to use a variety of sources. You may wonder why you should use library resources in particular to help you find some of these sources. In fact, there are many benefits to using the databases available through the library's website. They can contain content from a variety of source types, including academic journals, newspapers, and reports. They often provide access to articles that would otherwise be behind a paywall. Many of these articles have gone through the peer review process, which helps you know that the information has been verified by other scholars in the field. To learn more about the peer review process and why its important, watch the following video.

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

variety of media types represented by a smartphone


Because there are so many library databases, it may feel overwhelming when you are trying to decide where to start. Some databases can have broad coverage and include sources from a number of different disciplines. Other databases might be more narrow in scope, focusing on a particular subject area. Usually it's better to start with a broader database and then later move on to one with a narrower scope as you gather more information. The following databases are a good place to start to find scholarly articles, newspaper articles, research data, and more: