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Citation Management Tools

Use citation management tools to collect, organize, cite, and share references for research


Mendeley iconMendeley is a free reference manager that can help you store, organize, annotate, share, and cite references and research data. Depending on your needs, you can choose to use the web version, the desktop application, or both.

  Mendeley Web account allows you to:

  • Manage your profile.
  • Manually add citations and PDFs to your library.
  • Use a browser extension to download citations.
  • Annotate and highlight text in your references.
  • Collaborate with researchers and share references.
  • Organize references and collaborations by creating folders and groups.

 Download Mendeley Desktop if you need to:

  • Create a bibliography in Word and other applications.
  • Use the Citation plugin for Microsoft Word.
  • Import a library from another citation management tool (i.e. Endnote) to your account.

Learn to Use Mendeley

This brief video demonstrates some of the things you can do with Mendeley.