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Faculty Research Output in the Fine Arts

Finding Reviews in Art Journals

The following databases contain reviews from hundreds of art periodicals, some widely circulated and some with limited distribution.  Artists may search their name in all three to locate exhibit reviews.  

Finding Reviews and References in Books, Videos, Etc.

​WorldCat is an online catalog that allows users to search nearly 18,000 library catalogs in more than 120 countries.  Because it is a shared catalog, the descriptions are very detailed and the names of artists prominently featured in books and other resources are often listed.  As a result, WorldCat can be a powerful tool for artists seeking published references to their work.  The book below, for example, is not about Michael Ray Charles and a search for his name in most library catalogs would not lead a researcher to this book.  WorldCat, however, shows that this title references both him and his work.  

WorldCat also shows how many libraries own or subscribe to particular resources, so authors can track the reach of their publications and other output.