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NURS 4521- Community Health Nursing

Population-Focused Analysis Project: Effect of Lead on Health

Research Tips & Resources

Tips for making your literature review meaningful:

  • Demonstrate what you think the evidence means through your analysis of the literature.
  • Evaluate the state of knowledge for your given population and present future directions for research.
  • Show why your reader should care about your identified population.

Tips for finding relevant literature:

  • Identify your research question that will guide your review by creating a search statement using keywords.
  • Use appropriate databases and webpages related to your topic to search for literature.
  • Use the reference list of other articles to find additional sources of information.
  • Broaden your search by adding synonyms or additional phrases when searching. Narrow you search by using focused vocabulary and database search filters, i.e. date of publication.

Tips for APA literature reviews format:

  • Quote sparingly and always provide page number.
  • Synthesize using paraphrasing and include the appropriate in-text citation.
  • Reference list should include everything that has been cited within the body of your writing.


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