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Retailing & Consumer Science Resources

International Market Research

A magnifying glass over two sheets of paperInternational market research is important to businesses because it can provide information about the market, regulations, infrastructure, competitive landscape, and consumers outside of the United States. Upon careful analysis, businesses can determine which method of entry can help them effectively and efficiently sell their products in other countries.

International market research is vital because the business environment is often in a state of constant and dynamic change. The data to evaluate these environments can be costly, subject to restrictions, or may not be available through conventional data collection channels such as government agencies. 

International market research should help researchers determine:

  • Customers desires and needs
  • Suppliers, distribution channels, packaging, and pricing
  • Available of technology and skilled labor force
  • Competitor profile
  • Ease of doing business, method of payment, corruption, and political climate

Country Insight: Politics, Culture, and Etiquette

Before you research an industry or market in a foreign country, it can be helpful to learn more about the company first. This can help you gain insights on cultural practices and expectations that can influence how business is conducted. The following databases can help you learn in more detail about the culture of other nations:

Doing Business in Countries

Once you have a better understanding of the culture and politics in the country you're interested doing business in, you can look to learning more about regulations and other local conditions that would affect doing business in that country. The following online resources will provide insight in this area: