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Dance Composition

Tips for Finding Recordings

Tips for Finding Scores and CDs
  1. Helpful search terms that will return music for only one instrument include SOLOUNACCOMPANIED, and ALONE.

  2. Limit your search in the Library Catalog by MATERIAL TYPE to SOUND RECORDING for better results.

  3. Include an instrument in your search. You'll get much better results searching for SOLO and VIOLIN than just SOLO MUSIC.

  4. Certain musical forms are typically written for a single instrument, including PARTITAS and FANTASIAS. Sometimes SONATAS are for solo instrument, but sometime they are accompanied.

  5. Different instruments and time periods will have certain emotions they evoke. For example, cellos could be considered mournful or languid, whereas oboes might be more comical or awkward. The Baroque time period has ornate music and might be considered busy or happy. Romantic music may be labeled as dark or brooding.

  6. Click on the Score and Media Search link below for a tutorial on finding CDs in the Library Catalog.

Listen to Music Online

You may listen to music online (not download it) using the following resources:

Get the Track

If you find something you like on Naxos or Music Online, you won't be able to download it, but you have a couple of cheap or free options.

1) Find the work on Amazon or iTunes and buy only the track you need. 

2) See if the Music Library has a CD copy of the track you need by searching the Library Catalog.

3) Use the free Naxos app (iOS & Android) on your phone or tablet to play the track.

To use the app, you will need to set up an account in Naxos using the Library's subscription version. It will only take about three minutes. See the video for how to set up a Naxos account