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Industrial Design Resources

Guide to industrial design resources

Find Materials

The Architecture and Art Library collection is rich in information about product materials. To locate books, patrons may browse section TA 403, TS 171 or search the library's catalog using any of the following search terms:

  • Glass
  • Green products
  • Industrial design AND materials
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Materials
    • Materials -- Technological innovations
  • Materials science
  • Plastics
  • Wood

When searching for specific materials, use a specialized database, such as Material ConneXion or one of the civil engineering databases

    Aqua Cell ® Foams                 Coil Anodized Aluminum                 Castable Resin       

                                  Aqua Cell ® Foams        Coil Anodized Aluminum           Castable Resin      

                                    Digital Metal                Metal Poppy                  Punched Natural Rubber Sheet 

                                        Digital Metal                     Metal Poppy          Punched Natural Rubber Sheet