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This guide will introduce you to NVivo, a qualitative data analysis (QDA) tool that helps organize, analyze, and visualize qualitative data such as interviews.

•          What is NVivo used for?

NVivo is research software that offers an intuitive qualitative data analysis experience to help researchers ask complex questions, discover meaning in their data, and uncover deeper research insights. It is available for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

•          What type of projects is NVivo good for?

NVivo is useful for large qualitative and mixed-methods research projects such as analyzing unstructured text, audio, video, and image data like interviews, focus groups, surveys, social media, and journal articles.

•          How do I access NVivo?

Students, faculty, and staff can access NVivo in the Digital Research Commons located in MD Anderson Library. Individuals can also register for a 14-day free trial or sign up for an individual subscription via the QRS website.

•          Why can’t I access NVivo off campus?

           The software is NOT currently available to individuals virtually via VMware Horizon. 

          Which version of NVivo does UH Libraries provide access to?

 UH Libraries currently provides access to NVivo 11.

•          How do I code in NVivo?

           Please refer to NVivo's step-by-step guide on how to code in NVivo.

•          Does NVivo transcribe interviews?

NVivo Transcription is a paid service with an annual subscription or a pay-as-you-go option-(see QSR website or Transcription online Help for more information). UH Libraries’ NVivo licensing DOES NOT currently support transcription services. You must have pay-as-you-go credits to use it with NVivo 12.

•          Are there any alternatives to NVivo?

There are several alternatives to NVivo. Please see the “NVivo Alternatives” tab on “NVivo Resources” page of this guide for additional information.