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ENGI 1100

This guide will help get you started on your NAE Grand Challenges research project.

Research Databases

Research databases are a great place to start your research and contain the academically rigorous sources that your professors expect. The video below will take you on a quick tour through Web of Science, a STEM focused research database. At the bottom of the page is a list of research databases where you can get started with your research.

Finding Peer Reviewed Articles

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Because there are so many library databases, it may feel overwhelming when you are trying to decide where to start. Some databases can have broad coverage and include sources from a number of different disciplines. Other databases might be more narrow in scope, focusing on a particular subject area. Usually it's better to start with a broader database and then later move on to one with a narrower scope as you gather more information. The following databases are a good place to start to find scholarly articles, newspaper articles, research data, and more: