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Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies Resources

Guide to women's, gender & sexuality studies resources


Women's and gender studies is a rapidly evolving field of scholarship.  The keywords, techniques and sources listed here offer an entry point to topics in the Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies curriculum at The University of Houston.  Most of UH Libraries' gender studies resources are located in the M.D. Anderson Library or online.  When appropriate, some may also be found in branch libraries (architecture & art, law and music libraries).  Scholars and students are encouraged to investigate the gender-focused collections in the University of Houston's Special Collections, as well.  Use the link to primary material at left to find out about these archived materials.  This page offers basic research tips and resources.  See the links in the menu at left for more advanced research information.  

Search for Books and Videos

Click on the logo below to access the catalog.  

UH Library Catalog

Use the following terms in a subject or keyword search to find related items in the library catalog.  

*  -  Search more efficiently by truncating some words and adding an asterisks.  For example, adding an asterisk to the end of femini* expands the search to include "feminists," "feminism," and "feminine."  

? -  Expand searches by inserting a question mark to vary letters.  Wom?n will search for the words "woman" and "women."  

  • Autobiography -- Women authors
  • Equality
  • Femini*
  • Gender identity
  • Sex discrimination
  • Sex role
  • Wom?n
  • Women -- Biography
  • Women's rights
  • Women's studies

Search for Articles and Online Info

These databases offer extensive information on women's and gender history and research.  Search these when seeking focused and specific information.  

Search Outside Our Library

Citing and Writing

Refine your research skills by learning about Citation Styles as well as get writing assistance by the University Writing Center.