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SOC 3401 - Introduction to Sociological Research

Understanding Literature Reviews

Literature Review

A body of text that aims to review the critical points of current knowledge and/or methodologies about a topic.  Footprints to understand the development of topics and theories.

Hint: It's not a simple summary of the research you find. Rather a critical reflection of how it impacts the reserach you want to do.


Find Peer Reviewed Articles for Your Lit Review

Find journal articles on your topic through the database links below (AccessUH/CougarNet log-in required):

ASA Style Basics

BOOKS Author Lastname, Firstname Middlename. Year. Title of Book. City of Publication: Publisher.

Author Lastname, Firstname Middlename. Year. "Title of Article." Title of Journal Volume Number(Issue Number):pages.

ELECTRONIC JOURNAL ARTICLES RETRIEVED FROM AN ONLINE DATABASE Author Lastname, Firstname Middlename. Year. "Title of Article." Journal Title Volume Number(Issue Number):pages. (Retrieved from Database Name on Month Day, Year).
WEBSITES* Author Lastname, Firstname Middlename. Year. "Title of Webpage." Retrieved Month Day, Year (

*Provide as much information as you have available.

Example of a print journal article--This is the style you need to follow for your assignment.

Conger, Rand. 1997. "The Effects of Positive Feedback on Direction and Amount of Verbalization in a Social Setting." American Journal of Sociology 79(2): 1179-259.