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Avoiding Plagiarism

Not sure what constitute plagiarism and how to avoid it? This guide provides tips, examples and exercises.

About This Guide

This guide contains practical tips and resources on how to avoid plagiarism and answers common questions regarding proper use of information.

The guide is divided into the following sections:

  • What is plagiarism:  Clarify what plagiarism is by providing examples
  • How to avoid plagiarism: Provide specific strategies and tips
  • Why cite:  Discuss the reasons of citing resources. By understanding the reasons behind citation requirement, you will appreciate the importance of following the citation style in your discipline.
  • How to cite: Provide resources on commonly used citation styles for college writing.
  • Citation Management tools: Give an overview of citation management software that can help you keep track research literature.  These tools (i.e., EndNote, EndNote Web, RefWorks) can automate in-text citation and bibliography creation process.  

Most of the sections contain a text portion and a video portion.  The short videos are selected from Youtube and created by either librarians or teaching faculty in a variety of universities.  If you have questions or suggestions about this site please contact Irene Ke, Psychology and Social Work Librarian.

Plagiarism - The Consequences

Plagiarism is an action of cheating and a serious violation of the UH Academic Honesty Policy.

Plagiarism can lead to:

  • Failing grades
  • Dismissal from the university
  • Distrust between your fellow students and instructors
  • The ruin of a career and one's professional reputation