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NSM Graduate Student Orientation to UH Libraries

This guide serves as a virtual orientation to UH Libraries resources and services for students in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics.

Welcome to your virtual orientation to UH Libraries!

Our objectives for you as you work through this guide include:

  • Learn about key library resources for graduate students
  • Learn who your librarian is and how to contact them

Tales of the Triumphant TA

Chapter 1: Learning About Subject Librarians

It's an interesting time to start a new grad program at UH! Things aren't quite like what anyone was expecting. You've been assigned a TA position but could use some support navigating this semester and the changes that have been made all over campus. You come across this video about the Subject librarians at UH Libraries and how they can help. 

After watching the video below, Click here to continue your adventure!


In Case You Missed It...

University of Houston Libraries held a series of online open forums this summer about library services geared toward graduate students. Librarians explained how these services are related to graduate study, research, and teaching, and how librarians work with graduate students. The topics included:

  • Accessing Library Materials and Services
  • How a Librarian Can Help You
  • Teaching Support for Graduate Instructors and TAs
  • Learning About Digital Research at UH
  • Data Services 

Click here to read more about the open forums and to watch the recordings.