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Resource Guide for DIY Health Zine Saturday

This guide is a resource for participants in the DIY Health Zine Saturday event. It provides guidance on evaluating online health resources as well as an overview of the zine collections and resources available at UH.

DIY Health Zine Saturday

DIY Health Zine Saturday is designed to raise awareness of zine collections available at UH Special Collections, the zine culture in Houston, and to empower students with skills on how to find credible consumer health information and share it through self-published magazines (“zines”). Registration is required:

Look below on this page for an overview of the the zine collections and resources available at UH.

Click on the Finding Credible Health Information Online tab to the left for general information on evaluating the reliability of health websites.

As you are creating your health zine, click on the tabs on the left side of the page to find links for credible information in the following areas:

  • mental health
  • nutrition
  • reproductive health
  • sexuality & gender
  • women's health

Zines at UH Special Collections

The following are resources on doing research on zines and zine collections at the University of Houston and greater Gulf Coast Region. There are also resources on significant zine collections across the U.S. focused on women, POC communities, and LGBT studies.