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POLS 3353 - Health Policy

Resources on Health Policy for the Fall 2018 POLS 3353 course.


This guide contains links to resources on health policy. Use the tabs on the left to find information on narrower topics.

US Government Resources

Find data on healthcare delivery in the US.

Resources on policy and legislation from the Centers for Disease Control.

Information on legislation related to information technology in healthcare.

Find out about progress toward the national health goals for the year 2020, with a focus on health disparities.

A list of current legislation from the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor & Pensions.

Web Resources

GovTrack is an independent organization which compiles data related to US legislation. This page shows bills in the US Congress related to health.

Browse health legislation research and analysis from RAND, a prominent policy research organization.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation generates "research, insight, and analysis on key issues affecting health and health care in the United States."

Houston-based Research Institutes

Health Policy Books

Search for Health Policy books