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Entrepreneurship Resources

Sample Business Plans

UH Small Business Development Center

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For help starting or expanding your business after graduation, connect with the University of Houston Small Business Development Center

Services Provided:

  • Consulting
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • and more

Houston Area Funds, Firms, Acquirers, etc.

There's a number of Houston- or Texas-based funds interested in providing funding for businesses of specific sizes and types.  Note that just because they're based here doesn't guarantee a specific interest in businesses here (but you'll have much better networking opportunities).

Houston Angel Network

  • Oldest angel network in Texas and most active network in the US

Mercury Fund

  • A venture capital firm focused on seed and early-stage tech startups in specific US geographies

Texas Ventures

  • Private equity and venture capital firm focused on multiple specific market sectors

Essex Woodlands

  • A venture capital firm focused on revenue-generating healthcare businesses

National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSRBI)

  • Focused on space healthcare-related small businesses

Climate Impact Capital

  • Focused on early stage companies in the climate mitigation and adaptation areas

Unconventional Capital

  • Focused on digital oilfield services companies that need to grow

Houston Ventures

  • Focused on energy industry tech companies meeting specific metrics

Resolute Venture Partners

  • Focused on early stage health IT and healthcare technology companies


  • A registered Texas crowdfunding portal

Polus Capital

  • Works with established companies seeking capital but who are having trouble getting it

Houston Area Incubators, Accelerators, etc.

3 Day Startup has a great article on choosing an accelerator that is worth reading before you dive into the links below

Our own Red Labs

  • Focused on the UH community

Station Houston

  • Offers workspace, mentorship events, and more to area entrepreneurs

Houston Technology Center (HTC)

  • Focused on technology startups (also energy, life sciences, and space)

Houston Health Ventures

  • Focused on healthcare startups and small businesses 


  • Focused on medical startups

Biotechnology Commercialization Center (UT Health)

  • Focused on biotechnology startups

Houston Arts Alliance

  • Focused on arts startups and small organizations

Fannin Innovation Studio

  • Focused on TMC; claims Houston's largest commercialization program for fellows and interns 

Fruition Labs

  • Focused on social impact entrepreneurs; offers mentorship and co-working space