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Electrical and Computer Engineering Resources

Finding Patents and Standards

Find patents

There are many sources for searching patents.  While they include similar content, the search options,features, and sometimes search results often differ.

(To decipher the parts of a patent, refer to How to Read a US Patent from Queens University.)

Using classification codes for searching patents

Using classification codes in conjunction with keyword searching provides more context  and focus for your search (and allows retrieval of patents that aren't searchable in full text.) 

Options for using:

- Keyword search, find a relevant patent and  use the classification code(s) in that patent to search for others.

- Search the codes at USPTO (Do a keyword search of the codes in the upper right search box) or at ESPACENET

(An excellent video from University of Central Florida shows how to use CPC (classification) codes to do a more accurate patent search.)

Find standards

Standards are created and used in order to ensure safety, levels of reliability, and compatibility.

You can also use the commercial sites IHS or Techstreet ,sellers of standards from many organizations, to determine relevant standards for your topic.  You may submit requests for copies we don't have via the Library's Interlibrary Loan service.  Availability may depend on price of standard.