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Digital Research Services (GIS, Data Visualization, Digital Humanities)


The UH Library is committed to partnering with students, faculty, research centers, staff, and campus IT departments to ensure that every UH researcher has access to the hardware, software, and support to leverage digital research methods and technologies in their research areas and course curriculum.

What are Digital Research Services?

Digital Research Services encompasses support, software, and other resources in the following areas:

  • Geographic Information Systems: Comprehensive support for GIS and geospatial analysis

  • Data Visualization: Tools and support for both exploratory visualizations and infographics

  • Qualitative analysis: Support for coding, text mining, and analysis

  • Published Secondary Souirces: Access to a large variety of published data in the fields of social sciences, liberal arts, healthcare, and the sciences.

  • Digital Humanities: Support for the above techniques and where they intersect with humanistic study