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HDFS 4318 - Human Ecology of Parenting

This guide is designed to assist students in HDFS 4318 make the most of library resources for success in class!

Web of Science

Sometimes you'll find a really good article, but it'll be older than what you need.


In this case, one thing you can try to get a newer article on the same topic is the:

Cited Reference Search

When you select this search, you can enter the information of the older article that you have and find out who has cited it since then. If they've cited your article, chances are they're writing on a similar/related topic!

Related Records

Web of Science also has another way you can look for related articles.


If you search for the article that you've already found and look at it's record, you'll find this option on the right hand side of the screen:



When you click on this link, Web of Science will compare your article's references to that of other articles, and return a list of articles with shared references.

The greater the ratio of shared references, the more likely the article is to be on a similar topic!