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HDFS 4318 - Human Ecology of Parenting

This guide is designed to assist students in HDFS 4318 make the most of library resources for success in class!

Suggested Databases

In Human Development and Family Studies there are a lot of subject areas that could possibly have the information that you will find useful for your assignment.


Below you'll find a list of databases from Education, Psychology and Sociology that you can try for finding information on your topic.

Found a good article, now what?

So you've some searching in the database and you've found some records that sound perfect. Now what?


Well, if there is no full text right in the database, look for the find this item button:

When you click on this button you'll activate a search of all of our subscriptions to find an electronic copy.  If one is found it will automatically open and be displayed for you.


What happens if it doesn't find the article?


You'll see a screen with the citation information for the article and the following 2 options:


Option 1: Search for the print version

This will do a title search in the catalog for the jouranl in which your article is published. If you find a record, make sure you check the date ranges against the publication date for your article! We may still not have the issue that you are looking for. If you don't find a print copy then, and only then, can you try option 2.


Option 2: Interlibrary Loan

Libraries like to share, so if we don't have a copy available for you, we will go and find a library that does to get a copy for you. There is no additional fee for this service! Just create an


When you click on this link and log into your account the form is automatically filled out for you! Just click submit and you'll get an email when it's ready for you.