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HDFS 1300 - Development of Contemporary Families

This guide is to help students in Human Development and Family Studies make use of library materials to support their studies

Getting more out of the Library Search Box

OneSearch is a very intuitive search interface, you'll find it behaves much like Google.

Much like Google, it has advanced options that can help you do more!


Peer Reviewed Option

One of the first options on the left when you search will be to Show Only Peer Reviewed Articles. This is a quick and easy way to narrow down to these quality sources!

Format option

If you're trying to find the book you selected for your assignment, you can filter to just books when you run your search. Or any other type of resource you might be looking for!

Subject focus

You can also adjust how subject are emphasized in your search results. Further down on the left you'll see an option for subject. If you don't see the subjects listed under it, click on Subject and you should see a menu like this.

Click on any of those to instantly adjust your search results to emphasize that subject in your search results.


You can also click on more options at the end of the list to get a list like the one below. Using it, you can check off under the 'Include" column to emphasize things you want to be more important in your results, and check off under "Exclude" to de-emphasize things that aren't relevant.