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HDFS 1300 - Development of Contemporary Families

This guide is to help students in Human Development and Family Studies make use of library materials to support their studies

Searching for Family Strengths

Searching for Family Strengths can be trickier even than stressors, because these concepts can be fuzzier to define. Hopefully the example below will both illustrate this and give you some insight in how to search for this information.

Develop your keywords - Family Strengths example

If you have a topic like the one below, "Willingness to rally together" you'll want to take a moment to generate possible keywords. No matter what database or search engine you use, these will come in handy for making your search flexible and adaptable.

Brainstorm of alternative terms for "willingness to rally together" including: unity, cohesiveness, support and defense


This kind of topic won't work verbatim in the databases. You're going to get very few results searching for if a family rallies together. Instead, you want to look at what it looks like for a family to rally together. You'll probably find many more interesting and relevant results using family cohesion for this example.