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HLT 3381- Health Promotion & Disease Prevention

Faculty: Ripperger-Suhler, Ken

Social Network Analysis

Practice Questions

First, Nodes

  1. Of the four groups organized by Days Drinking, which group has the largest number of students?
  2. Are there more men or women in this group?
  3. Which group has the highest number of student living on campus? How about the highest % residents on campus?

Second, Intra-Group Edges

  1. When we turn on the edge filter what do the lines represent?
  2. How many relationships within the non-drinkers have a strength of 3?
  3. How many relationships are in the group of 2.5 Days/Week or more that have a relationship strength of 1?
  4. How many relationships in this group are unreciprocated?

Third, Inter-Group Relationships

  1. Are there relationships between the groups when organized by Academic Year?
  2. Of the groups, how many have a relationship strength of 3?
  3. Are there more people who live on or off campus with a strength of 3?