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WGSS 4350 / HIST 4301 - Issues in Feminist Research

Find and access sources for your capstone project.

Doing Public Scholarship

If you are accustomed to doing research and writing papers for class, you are probably most familiar with writing for an academic audience--your course instructors and your classmates. With the class blog, this course involves a different type of thinking and writing, where your audience is the general public who may or may not have academic experiences or backgrounds. This type of scholarship is called public scholarship, and it has its own unique opportunities and challenges.

For resources about how to share your scholarly work with general audiences, see the resources compiled by the Humanities for the Public Good Initiative at UNC-Chapel Hill.

Composing Chicago Style Citations

Writing your Annotated Bibliography

The resources below provide information and examples of annotated bibliographies that may be helpful as you complete that assignment.

What are the Digital Humanities?

The Digital Humanities apply digital tools, resources, and skills to research in the humanities. 

In this class, you will begin to experience digital humanities scholarship. There are many other ways and approaches to the digital humanities, which is an ever-growing area of research. See the tools below for additional information: