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WGSS 4350 / HIST 4301 - Issues in Feminist Research

Find and access sources for your capstone project.

Primary and secondary sources

In this class, you will have the opportunity to explore and research materials in physical and digital archives. In addition to your class visits to UH Special Collections, you can also browse digital and digitized archival materials to complete your assignments.

Throughout the research process, you will be seeking both primary sources and secondary sources.

What makes a source primary or secondary depends on your research topic and area of study. For example, a newspaper article from 1977 about the National Women's Conference written by someone who was not actually present at the conference might be used as a secondary source about the event itself, but the same article could be used as a primary source for a paper about attitudes and public media coverage of the National Women's Conference. 


To learn more about primary and secondary sources, check out the video below: