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FINA 6387 - Managerial Analysis (Piqueira)

Selected Articles - Weeks 12 & 13

  1. Francis, T., & Lublin, J. S. (2014, Mar 27). CEO pay keeps rising, but not as quickly, not for all --- investor activism puts a lid on growth in compensation; at 50 big companies, median increase was 4.1% in 2013. Wall Street Journal
  2. “Marissa Mayer's Compensation And Stock-Selling Not Linked To Performance”, Forbes, August 2014. Note: Access provided by the publisher and can be withdrawn at any time.
  3. Winkler, R., Baer, J., & Monga, V. (2015, Mar 24). Google turns to wall street for new finance chief; morgan stanley's ruth porat becomes latest finance executive to migrate to silicon valley. Wall Street Journal (Online)
  4. Winkler, R. (2015, Mar 27). Business news: For google CFO, a $70 million package. Wall Street Journal
  5. Esterl, M., & Lublin, J. S. (2014, Oct 02). Coca-cola scales back on stock options. Wall Street Journal
  6. Deutsch, Claudia, "An Early Advocate of Stock Options Debunks Himself." The New York Times. (April 3, 2005. Sunday Correction Appended).
  7. Rappaport, A., & Nodine, T. H. (1999). New Thinking on How to Link EXECUTIVE PAY WITH PERFORMANCE. Harvard Business Review, 77(2), 91-101.

CEO Incentives: It's Not How Much You Pay, But How”, by Michael Jensen and Kevin Murphy, Harvard Business Review, No. 3, May-June 1990.

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Executive Compensation: Where We are, and How We Got There”, by Kevin Murphy, August 2012.

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