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FINA 6387 - Managerial Analysis (Piqueira)

Selected Articles - Weeks 8 & 9

  1. Thinking twice about price; Schumpeter. (2013, Jul 27). The Economist, 408, 58.
  2. Pricing the surge; free exchange. (2014, Mar 29). The Economist, 410, 80.
  3. Are Online Vendors Giving You Their Best Price? Maybe Not, Research Says (2014, Oct 23). The Wall Street Journal (Blog).
  4. “Different Customers, Different Prices, Thanks To Big Data”, Forbes, April 2014
  5. Mattioli, D. (2012, Jul 26). Penney tweaks price strategy yet again. Wall Street Journal (Online)
  6. Kapner, S. (2013, Nov 26). The dirty secret of Black Friday 'discounts'; how retailers concoct 'bargains' for the holidays and beyond. Wall Street Journal (Online)
  7. Rethinking the bundle. (2014, Mar 31). The Economist (Online)
  8. By, P. S. (2001, Jun 22). How GE got into such a bundle of trouble --- cherished honeywell deal hangs on the B-word; who thought it up? Wall Street Journal
  9. Knutson, R. (2014, Aug 18). Sprint dives into wireless industry's price war; company will pay up to $350 to cover subscribers' costs of switching from rivals. Wall Street Journal (Online)
  10. Berman, D. K. (2009, Oct 13). The game: In NBC deal, learn from game theory. Wall Street Journal
  11. Playing duopoly. (2014, Jan 15). The Economist (Online)
  12. Jones, R. (2014, Nov 05). Boeing chief conscious of chinese competition; U.S. plane maker to consider launch of new single-aisle jetliner by 2030. Wall Street Journal (Online)