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A CougarNet Login is required to access all of the University of Houston Libraries electronic resources off-campus or when using the UH wireless network. Questions about CougarNet? Contact the UH Information Technology department: (713) 743-1411 or

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Increase your search results by using the thesaurus within the following databases.

Peer Review Questions & Publishing Opportunities

The resources below will indicate if the journal is peer reviewed. Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opportunities will cover the article submission process, manuscript specifications, guidelines, etc.

Citation Indexes: Research Author & Journal Impact

Search Tips

AND narrows down your search results to those which contain only these terms.

  •     Example:  gender AND warfare = Searches for all the records that contain both of these terms.

OR expands your search. 

  •     Example:  gender OR women OR feminist = Searches for records that contain any of these terms

NOT eliminates unrelated records from your search results.

  •     Example:  Middle Ages NOT crusades = Searches for all results with Middles Ages that do not contain any reference to the Crusades.

Truncation ( * ) allows you to search for multiple word endings in one search.  Place an * at the end of the word root to obtain more search results.


    Environ* = Searches for any text containing environment, environmental, environ, environs, etc.

Quotation Marks (" ") allow you to narrow your search to an exact phrase.


    "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" = Searches for that exact phrase.

Wildcards (?) allow you to search for variant spellings within a word in one search.


    Wom?n = Searches for woman or women