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RELS 3380 - Introduction to Asian Religions


This guide will help you find resources for your topics on the religions of Asia. It also includes research and writing tips,

Library Call Numbers

Books relevant to Asian religions often begin with the following call numbers:

  • BL1000-2370 (Hinduism, other Asian religions)
  • BP1-253 (Islam)
  • BQ (Buddhism)
  • BR1065 (Christianity in Asia)

Books in these call number ranges are found on the 8th floor of the Blue Wing in the M. D. Anderson Library. Please note that not all relevant books will be in these sections.

Databases, Websites, and Books

These library resources will help you find information about religions in the country you are researching. (Please note: if you are off campus, you will need to log in for full access.)

Research Tips

  • Look for options to narrow your results list by source type (journal, book, etc.), language, and so on.
  • If you find an article or book that looks promising, check the bibliography for additional sources.
  • Use the "record" (the page that provides bibliographic and other information about an article or book) to identify subject headings, additional keywords, etc.
  • Use what you learn from each search to improve your next search.