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GLBT Studies Resources

Guide to GLBT studies resources


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UH Library Catalog

*Search more efficiently by truncating some words and adding an asterisks.  For example, adding an asterisk to the end of Bisexual expands the search to include bisexuals, bisexuality and bisexualism.

  • Asexual* 
  • Bisexual*  
  • Equality
  • Gay activists (use other professions, as well, if appropriate)
  • Gay and lesbian studies
  • Gay community
  • Gender identity
  • Homosexual* 
  • Intersex* 
  • Lesbian* 
  • Queer theory
  • Sex discrimination
  • Sex roles
  • Sexual behavior
  • Transgender* 
  • Transsexual* 
  • Transvest* 

Rare Books Collections

The library's department of Special Collection houses two significant rare books collections of gay and lesbian studies and literature.  

The works may be read in the Special Collections reading room on the second floor of the M.D. Anderson Library.