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CUIN 7398 - CUIN Capstone Project

This guide is designed to provide students in CUIN 7398 with support in completing their Capstone project.

Literature Search Tips

Finding Literature Reviews in ERIC

There are 2 ways to find literature reviews in ERIC. Unfortunately there really isn't a simple way to find both kinds at the same time, so often you end up having to do 2 searches when you're trying to find literature revews on a topic.


Please remember, these 2 search methods will return different results (there might be SOME overlap, but there will be unique results to each).


1. Add the subject "Literature Reviews" to your search:

ERIC search interface on EBSCO showing bullying in the first search box and "literature reviews" in the second with the drop down set to SU Descriptors

Just set the drop down menu next to the search box to SU or DE


2. When searching in ERIC, there is an advanced search option for Publication Type.

Under this option, select "Information Analyses".

Publication type selector in ERIC showing Information Analyses selected


If you want to try and combine the searches, you can always use your search history so you're not looking at any duplication. However, if you need to revise your search, you'll need to redo this.

Resources for your Lit Search

Here are some of the core resources that you'll find most helpful for completing your literature review.