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ENGL 4319 - English in the Secondary Schools

This guide is here to help you find resources that will be helpful for your work in ENGL 4319. This is also where you can access the information we cover in our in class session and give you a refresher in case you forget something!

Some Core Databases

Education databases are great sources for teaching resources, methods and information about any subject in secondary schools. But you'll also find that many of the databases used mostly for the subject you're looking to teach will have information about teaching those subjects as well, so definitely check out the info at the

as well!

NCTE Publications

The National Council of Teachers of English puts out several publications. You have access to them as UH students. These are excellent sources of information for your topics.


  • College Composition and Communication
  • College English
  • English Education
  • English Journal
  • Language Arts
  • Research in the Teaching of English
  • Voices from the Middle


These publications will be listed under "Your Institutional Subscriptions"? on the right hand side of the screen at the link below.