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MECT 3341 - Computer-Aided Drafting I

A resource guide for the "Patents and Standards" assignment.

Part II Instructions

Find a drafting standard that contains two digits in your social security number and summarize.

Find Descriptions of Standards Online

Find Descriptions of Standards in Books

Available in course reserves!  Ask for this book by course number ("MECT 3341") or professor name ("Dr. Mott") at the M.D. Anderson Library's Service Desk.

Standards FAQ

What are document numbers?

Standards documents put out by standards-granting organizations, such as ANSI, ISO, and ASME, use a classification system to let you know what topical category that standard relates to. Standards documents are labeled according to this system, and that label is the standard’s “document number.” Most standards related to drafting will have a document number that starts with Y14, since that’s the classification given to the drafting category.


Why can’t I find standards documents in the library?

Standards documents are not free. Companies and libraries must pay to have the actual standards documents. Standards can be rather pricy, and they are frequently updated as technologies change. Because of these reasons, the library does not own very many actual standards documents.


What can I do instead?

Even if you can’t get hold of original standards documents, there are lots of places where you can find summaries of standards or explanations of the standards and descriptions of how they are applied. For the purposes of your assignment, this is all you’re expected to do. And yes, the standards descriptions are supposed to be really short.