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Elementary Science Education Resources

Finding Science Education materials for Elementary Students


ERIC is one of the top databases for education related materials currently available.


But how can you focus specifically on those resources that are going to be the most useful to you as Elementary Science Educators?


ERIC has an excellent Education Level feature.




You can select one specific educational level here, Elementary Education, or even specific grades. If you'd like to select multiple education levels, you can hold down the CTRL as you select the levels of interest.


ERIC also has an extensive thesaurus


This means that there are plenty of subject terms used to classify articles that may be of interest to you.

Of course, depending on the topic you're looking to cover in science education, you may wish to focus your search on that topic (ie electricity, cell structure, astronomy, etc). Many of these topics will have their own subject terms that you can find in the theasurus. You could also refine your search using any or all of the subject terms above by adding keywords to your search.


For example, if I were to select

in the thesaurus and click "Add" then search, I could add these subtopics like this: