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Entrepreneurship Resources

U. S. Census Bureau: Business & Industry Data

US International Trade Data

  • If you're searching for import or export statistics, information on export regulations, commodity classifications, or a host of other trade related topics, Census's Foreign Trade Data is the place to get the information you need. 
  • If you'd like the data in a more visual form, try the BEA's new worldwide dataset.

General US Business Stats

Economic Census

  • Every five years (2002, 2007, 2012, etc.) for every industry.
  • Statistics for U.S., states, metro areas, counties, and cities

Economic Indicators

  • Monthly and quarterly for selected sectors
  • National statistics only

Monthly & Annual Wholesale Trade Reports

The International Trade Administration (ITA) "promotes trade and investment and ensures fair trade through the rigorous enforcement of US trade laws and agreements."

Data & Analysis Available from ITA:

  • Competitiveness
  • Export Statistics
  • Import Statistics
  • Trade Data & Analysis


What is FedStats?

FedStats provides access to the full range of official statistical information produced by the Federal Government without having to know in advance which Federal agency produces which particular statistic.

How do I find information on FedStats?

  • Agencies: If you know the name of the agency, you can go right to the data

International Trade Data from the WTO

WTO logo

The World Trade Organization has data and statistics about trade and tariffs between nations.  Not all countries are members in the WTO, but data can include non-members as well. is intended for US companies looking to export more of their goods abroad.  It offers advice in the follow areas:

  • By Industry
  • By Country
  • Market Research
  • Trade Events
  • Trade Leads
  • Free Trade Agreements