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COMM 1301 - Media & Society

Assignment #5

  • Select one channel to view for a consecutive three-hour portion of the television broadcast day. 
  • Create a commercial log.  Be sure to list the type of commercial (snacks, cars, feminine products, etc.). 
  • Is there a pattern as to what types of commercials are shown during certain types of programming?  What kind of audience are the programming and commercials targeting?
  • Be sure to include SCHOLARLY research on advertising to help make sense of your results (with proper citations)

What is a scholalry journal article?

  • Scholarly Journal articles are those articles published in scholarly journals, written by researches in academic and professional institutions based on sound scientific study. 
  • The journal follows a strict process of reviewing articles in which scholars, experts, and academic peers review and comment on the validity, accuracy, and methodology of the research and paper. 

Check to make sure your article is coming from a scholarly journal!  Use Ulrich's Periodical Directory and search for the name of your journal. 

Find Supporting Scholarly Articles

Step 1: Identify Behaviors and Stereotypes in the Television Programs

Example: are behaviors/stereotypes related to age, gender, race, ethnicity, geography, etc

Step 2: Match the program behaviors and stereotypes to the target audience of the program

Ex: If Grey's Anatomy characters are predominantly white, good  looking, young adult, high socioeconomic characters, do you think the  target audience is the same?

Step 3: How do the advertisements relate to the target market? Hint: Formulate a research question!

Do the advertisement appeal to a predominantly white, young adult, mid to high socioeconomic target market?  If so, what kind of  advertisements did you see?  Beauty adds, adult adds, female or male  targeted ads?

Potential Research question:

Do advertisers purposefully target white females with beauty advertisement during prime time drama television series?

Step 4: Identify keywords from your research question

Race/White, Female/Women, Beauty/Attraction, Television/Prime-Time/Drama

Step 5: Find Your Scholarly Articles in one of the following library database