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COMM 1301 - Media & Society

Assignment #3

  • Select a (tasteful) magazine of your choice and analyze the content of several issues. 
  • If possible compare the print version to the online version (including an analysis of the differences in advertising and size of readership). 
  • Write a report addressing the type of magazine, the substance of its content, the type of advertising it carries, the audience it is targeting, and your conclusions regarding its effectiveness in achieving its objectives. 
  • In addition, examine the advertising content with regard to the target market of the ads (gender, age, socioeconomic status (SES). 
  • Be sure to include a reference to the issues (dates) studied. 
  • Research and include what company owns the magazine. 

Library Resources to Find Supporting Research

Find Magazines in the Library

Search for Print Magazines in the Library using the Library Catalog

Most of the popular print magazines like Business Week, Time, etc will be available at MD Anderson Library. All current issues are held in the basement. Ask for help at the information desk on the first floor if you get lost.  Don't forget to take the Call Number with you!