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COMM 1301 - Media & Society

Assignment #2

  • Compare a 10:00pm local broadcast newscast with the following day's Houston Chronicle coverage.
  • Write a report addressing the types of news covered, the substance of its editorial page/broadast, and anything else of interest. 
  • Research what company owns each media outlet. 
  • Also look at the "newsmakers" (people quoted in the stories) - including gender, age, ethnicity, etc.  It might be helpful to answer the six journalistic questions (Who? What? When? Where? Why? How?) for each of the media stories studied to determine if informaiton was the same or differed. 
  • Be sure to include a reference to the issues/broadcast date studied. 
  • Place most of your focus on the compare/contrast angle; please don't waste time/space re-telling the specifics of individual news stories. 


Use these databases to research the companies that own each newspaper.  HINT: Look at the bottom of each newspaper's webpage to determine the name of the company.