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English Research Guide

Find research and resources relevant to English Studies, including literature and linguistics, creative writing, and rhetoric, composition and pedagogy.

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This Guide supports your research within English Studies, including Literature and Linguistics, Creative Writing, and Rhetoric, Composition & Pedagogy.

  • Use the tabs to navigate through different types of resources.

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Understanding Different Types of Information

Knowing what type of information to use at different points in your research process is important. For more information and specific resources, check out the different pages.

  • Reference Sources provide important background information to help you better understand your topic. This is a great place to start your research by getting some basic facts and information.
  • Books provide in-depth, scholarly, expert analysis of your topic. You can also find original works of poetry and prose, letters, diaries, and biographies.
  • Journal Articles provide literary criticism on your topic. Scholarly articles are written and reviewed by experts.
  • Newspaper & Magazine Articles provide general coverage and analysis of your topic. They allow you to track media coverage of your topic.
  • Reviews provide contemporary reactions to the text or production you are studying. While not scholarly, they inform you of how the text was received by its earliest readers or critics.
  • Primary Sources provide first-hand accounts of your topic.
  • Dissertations & Theses provide thorough, critical analysis of your topic. They are great sources for extensive bibliographies.
  • Websites provide quick, free access to information types of all kinds.