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PSYC 2301 - Introduction to Research Methods in Psychology

A resource guide for Psychology Research Methods class

Finding Articles

A database is a searchable collection of published work.  They are created to help scholars and researchers to find information easily. Here is a selected list of databases for your research project. Because the content of each database is different, you can choose the most appropriate ones for you by reading the brief description. If you have questions, ask your librarian, Irene Ke.

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These short videos explain how to develop a well-defined research topic and run an effective literature search in a database. Use your CougarNet username and password for watching. Contact your Psychology Librarian, Irene Ke, for any questions.

Research Topic Development:

Database Search Strategy:

Databases are great tools for finding research articles. But not all records you retrieved in a database have a full-text attached. In those cases, you can click on undefined to trace down the full-text of an article. If the Library has an online subscription to the journal, the link will lead you to the journal's website to download the article. If the Library doesn't have access to the article, follow the direction given on the page.  Most likely, the message would ask you to click on "UH Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Request" it. Interlibrary is a free service to UH students.  If you don't already have an interilbrary loan account you can request one online.

Here is what you usually see when an article is not available: