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Avoiding Plagiarism

Not sure what constitute plagiarism and how to avoid it? This guide provides tips, examples and exercises.

Reference Management Tools

Citation Management Tools help you keep track of the research literature you are reading and using, and these tools also work with your word processor to help automate the in-text citation and bibliography creation process. These tools help save you some time and effort when you work on a research project or a paper.

There are two types of citation management tools: standalone and web-based. The UH Libraries provide access to two web-based tools:

To start using EndNote Web or RefWorks, click on the link above to create a personal account.

A standalone version of EndNote is available for faculty from the UH IT Software page and for students from Cougar Byte.

If you need assistance in selecting the product that's right for you or need help using these software, please feel free to contact me.

Getting Started with EndNote

EndNote and the UH Libraries' Catalog


In EndNote Online, from the “Collect” tab, select “Online Search.” Then click “Customize this list” and find the U Houston entry. Copy it to your favorites, then select it and you’ll have a search box to use.

Perform your search, then select the records you want to import into your library. There’s a video here: that will show you how to do it.

Combining Thesis Chapters Into One Document

If you have been writing your thesis and keeping each chapter in a separate WORD document, you may wonder how to combine the EndNote references properly.

This link:

will give you good step-by-step instructions on how to combine all of your chapters into one document and easily reformat the citations into one bibliography.