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Looking for Publishing Opportunities in Cabell's Directory

1. Start from the Libraries Homepage. Or use the link below to proceed to Cabell's directly and skip to step 4.

2. Select the databases tab, then select the letter C.

3. Select Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opportunities, Educational Set.

4. You'll want to select the advanced tab, just under the 'journals' button

5. When you select the Add/remove disciplines option, you'll have a choice between 2 broad areas of Education to view:

  • Educational Curriculum & Methods
  • Educational Psychology & Adminstration

You can either check off the overall education button, or check just one of the areas that you're interested in.


5. There are a few options you can use for finding journals to publish in.


  • CCI is a metric used by Cabell's to look at citation frequencies within and between disciplines. Checking one or more of these boxes will give you all the title ranked in the range indicated. (You can sort that result list by CCI so that you can get them ranked in order of prestige).


  • Acceptance Rates/Difficulty of Acceptance: The directory includes information on the rates at which the journals accept articles for publication out of the submitted articles. These rates can be influenced by how many articles are invited, number of articles submitted, prestige, difficulty of the review, etc.


The search interface for Cabell's, showing the layout of all the advanced search options available