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Educational Leadership

3D Team Leadership Arrow Concept by lumaxart, on Flickr - stock photo style image of 8 black stick figures holding up an orange arrow where another black stick figure stands on the head of the arrow and points in the same direction
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  lumaxart 

Databases You May Not Have Considered

Ok, you've searched in ERIC, Education Full Text, and other education databases. You're still not finding what you want! or maybe you need more?


Here are some databases you may not have considered looking in for information on topics relating to Educational leadership

eBooks on Ed Leadership

These eBooks have been selected to be good introductions and perspectives on Educational Leadership.

Information in a wider variety of formats, including print, is available in the catalog.

Try subject headings like:


Of course, these are broader subject headings, so for more specific issues about these topics you'll want to use the subject heading combined with refining keywords.