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Diversity Issues in Education

Day 20.06 _ Diversity and Unity by Frerieke, on Flickr - a white and black person grip hands with fingers interlocked, closeup of the hands
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  Frerieke 

The terminology around this topic has evolved over time. Multicultural education was one of the predominant ways to consider this theme, but over time it's become less common and terms like equity in education, diversity in education, cultural competence and such have all come to relate to this theme.

It's important to be aware of this as you search.

Databases You May Not Have Considered

Ok, you've searched in ERIC, Education Full Text, and other education databases. You're still not finding what you want! or maybe you need more?


Here are some databases you may not have considered looking in for information on topics relating to Diversity in Education