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What are the Course Reserves?

What are the Course Reserves?

A Library Building Blocks video, brought to you by the University of Houston Libraries.

You’re reading through your class syllabus and see that your instructor has listed some reading materials as “Available through Course Reserves.”

Course Reserves is a system where instructors can set aside course materials to be available for you and your classmates through the library, at no cost to you.

To see if your class materials are available on reserve, check your class blackboard. Online resources will be available to you through your course reserves in blackboard.

Journal articles can be downloaded and kept as long as you’d like, while E-book chapters can be downloaded for a limited time.

If your course has a physical textbook on reserve, the library it is available in is indicated by a two letter code:
AN = MD Anderson Library
AR = Architecture, Design, & Art Library

MU = Music Library
OP = Health Sciences Library

You can request Physical Reserve items from the Library Services Desk. Please have the item title, course number, or the instructor’s name when requesting a reserve item.

Physical reserve items can be checked out for 3 hours and must stay within the library building.

The limited checkout time is to make sure that everyone has plenty of opportunity to access their course materials.

If you aren’t seeing your course materials on reserve and you’d like them to be, ask your professor to put in a request on the library website.

If you’d like assistance with Course Reserves please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions! We’re happy to help.