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SCM 4390 - Supply Chain Strategy (Smith)


This guide was designed to provide access to resources needed for this course. If you are off campus or using the UH wireless network a CougarNet Login is required to access all of the UH Libraries electronic resources.
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Additional resources
are available on the

Harvard Business School Cases

The University of Houston Libraries does not have a subscription for Harvard Business School Cases.  Students will have to purchase those items.

UPS and HP: Value Creation Through Supply Chain Partnerships

by Mark Lewis, Arun Rai, David Forquer, Dan Quinter
Source: Ivey Publishing
14 pages. Publication Date: Feb 26, 2007. Prod. #: 907D02-PDF-ENG

Assigned Reading List


Harvard Business Review - Articles

The publisher of the Harvard Business Review has prohibited the University of Houston Libraries from establishing a permanent link to articles published within the journal. Students and Faculty will have to retrieve articles directly from the Business Source Complete database.  A how-to-video has been created to guide you through the process and a direct link to the database is below.


Video: How to retrieve Harvard Business Review articles located within Business Source Complete.

  • Johnson, M. W., Christensen, C. M., & Kagermann, H. (2008). Reinventing Your Business Model. (cover story). Harvard Business Review, 86(12), 50-59
  •  Supply Chain Challenges: Building Relationships. (2003). Harvard Business Review, 81(7), 64-73.
  • Porter, M. E. (2008). THE FIVE COMPETITIVE FORCES THAT SHAPE STRATEGY. Harvard Business Review, 86(1), 78-93.
  • Lee, H. L. (2004). THE TRIPLE-A Supply Chain. Harvard Business Review82(10), 102-112.
  • Slone, R. E. (2004). Leading a Supply Chain Turnaround. Harvard Business Review82(10), 114-121.
  • Metrics that Speak to the C-Suite By Loren Gary (available in Blackboard)
  • Creating Demand-Responsive Supply Chains By Yossi Sheffi  (available in Blackboard)
  • Working Your Assets to Boost Your Growth by Miles Cook, Pratap Mukherjee, Lorenz Kiefer, Marco Petruzzi (available in Blackboard)
  • Aoki, K., & Lennerfors, T. T. (2013). The New, Improved Keiretsu. Harvard Business Review, 91(9), 109-113.
  • Lee, H. L. (2010). Don't Tweak your Supply Chain--Rethink It End to End. Harvard Business Review, 88(10), 62-69.
  • The 3-D Printing Revolution (available in Business Source Complete database)
  • Remake your Supply Chain to Support Innovation by Kevin O’Marah (available in Blackboard)
  • PwC 2013 Survey - Next-generation supply chains Efficient, fast and tailored

Additional Resources

The following links will take you to resources not subscribed to by the University of Houston Libraries. These articles may be withdrawn by their host at anytime.

Supply chain strategies: Which one hits the mark? By Hernán David Perez | From the Quarter 1 2013 issue

From bean to cup: How Starbucks transformed its supply chain By James A. Cooke, Editor | From the Quarter 4 2010 issue

Supply chain management: A look back, a look ahead By James R. Stock, Ph.D. | From the Quarter 2 2013 issue

Supply Chain Strategy: The Importance of Aligning Your Strategies, UPS - White Paper