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ENGL 8346 - Non-Dramatic Literature of the 17th Century

This guide is designed to help students in Dr. Wyman Herendeen's ENGL 8346 section find research and information relevant to their assignments.


This guide provides access to specific research tools for your class.

  • Use the tabs to navigate to resources and information.

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John Donne (1572-1631) by Isaac Oliver, 1616 (The Royal Collection © 2004 HM Queen Elizabeth II)

Lady Mary Wroth (1587 - 1651/3) attrib. John de Critz, c. 1620 (public domain image)

George Herbert (1593 - 1633) by Robert White (posthumous) (Houghton Library, Harvard University)

Robert Herrick (bap. 1591, d. 1674) by William Marshall, pubd 1648 (© National Portrait Gallery, London)

Benjamin Jonson (1572-1637) by Abraham van Blyenberch, c.1617 (© National Portrait Gallery, London)

John Milton (1608-1674) by William Faithorne the elder, 1670 (© National Portrait Gallery, London)

Katherine Philips (1632-1664) by Isaac Beckett (© National Portrait Gallery, London)

Richard Lovelace (1617-1657) attrib. William Dobson (Trustees of Dulwich Picture Gallery) 

Andrew Marvell (1621-1678) by unknown artist, c. 1655-60 (© National Portrait Gallery, London)