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Primary Sources for Mexican American Art and Humanities Research

A resource center for finding and accessing archival resources (images and text) specific to Mexican-American Studies, Latin America, and the Hispanic Communities of Houston and greater Southwest.


Sun Maid II, Ester Hernandez, Smithsonian American Art Museum

Artist and activists in the Chicano, Latino, and LGBT communities of the U.S. and abroad have a long history of sharing their voices and observations through a variety of media: performance art, visual communication, and motion picture. This guide will help you find resources to enhance your research in all these areas. 

Using Library of Congress Subject Headings

The LCSH helps you find related information on your topic. If you locate relevant books in a keyword search, try clicking on the subject links to find more resources on this subject. Here are just a few examples of subject headings related to Latin American & Caribbean Studies:

Art, Latin American

Caribbean Area

Historiography Latin America

Latin American Anthropology Periodicals

Latin America History 20th Century

Latin America Politics & Government 20th Century

Related Resources

Visual Resources Related to Mexican-American and Latin American Studies

Visual Resources specific to Texas and the Southwest

Protest Art Collectives, Organizations, and Mixed Digital Collections

Chicano LGBT Resources

Resources below focus on LBGT community and documention in Chicano and Mexican-American Studies.