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FINA 7A23 - Portfolio Theory and Practice (Jacobs)


This guide was designed to provide access to resources needed for Professor Jacobs' FINA 7A23 course. If you are off campus or using the UH wireless network, a CougarNet Login is required to access all of the UH Libraries electronic resources.
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Reading List

The majority of the articles below are linked in a box off to the left. Please email for the password (same for all articles).  

Some articles below have been linked directly; click on the link to read the article.

Risk and Return: 

Portfolio Theory:

Factor Models:

  • "The Capital Asset Pricing Model and the Market Model", Barr Rosenberg, Journal of Portfolio Management, Winter 1981

  • "Beta and Return", Fisher Black, Journal of Portfolio Management, Fall 1993.

  • "In Defense of Beta", S.P Kothari and Jay Shanken, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Spring 1995, 53-58.

  • “Factor models, CAPMs, and the APT”, William Sharpe, Journal of Portfolio Management, Fall 1984, p 21-25.
  • "Sorting Out Risks Using Known APT Factors", Berry, Burmeister, and McElroy, Financial Analysts Journal, vol 44, no 2, 1988 March-April.


Market Efficiency and Empirical Evidence on Security Returns:

  • “The Efficient Market Theory Thrives on Criticism”, Dwight Lee and James Verbrugge,Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Vol. 9, No. 1, Fall 1996,  35-40."

  • "The Theory of Stock Market Efficiency: Accomplishments and Limitations", Ray Ball, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Spring 1995, 4-17.

  • "How Rational Investors Deal with Uncertainty (Or Reports of the Death of Efficient Markets are Greatly Exaggerated)", Keith Brown, W. Harlow, and Seha Tinic,   Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Fall 1989, 45-58.

  • "I've Got the Horse Right Here: Sports Betting and Market Efficiency", Martin Fridson, Journal of Applied Corporate Finance, Summer 1993, 88-95.

  • Efficient? Chaotic? What's the new finance?. Nichols, N. A. Harvard Business Review71(2), 1993, 50-60.