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Presentation Skills

Resources and assistance for preparing and delivering high-quality, effective presentations.

Ideas and Inspiration

E-Books on Presentations

The UH Libraries offer access to a number of e-books on presentation skills. Some titles include:

Technology Training Program

The UH Libraries offers a Technology Training Program that includes classes on PowerPoint and Prezi. Check the schedule for class times and registration.

Topic and Resource Suggestions 2016

What do YOU want to see more of on this guide to presentation skills? What software, resources, skill areas would you like more information or assistance with?

Send me an email at:!

I'll note your suggestions and update the guide with new resources to help you!

General Presentation Resources

With a little bit of knowledge, some great resources and some practice, you can drastically improve your presentations, making you more at-ease in front of an audience, and making the experience more enjoyable for them as well.

Here are some general resources to get you started:

Microsoft Office PowerPoint | Apple Keynote | Prezi
These are three of the most-used slide presentation tools.
SlideShare is a forum where you can upload and share your own presentation slides, as well as view others. It's a great site for techniques and inspiration for your slides. (Assertion-Evidence Slide Design)
Developed by Dr. Michael Alley at Penn State University, the Assertion-Evidence slide design model is especially useful for research presentations.
Garr Reynolds’ blog, “Presentation Zen” is one of the best. Read it regularly.

FREE Image Resources

"People learn better from words and pictures than from words alone." This is the Multimedia Principle articulated by Dr. Richard Mayer, UC-Santa Barbara, after years of research. For a more effective presentation, minimize your use of text on your slides and add high-quality images. Here are some of my favorite resources for free images: